Sunday, June 26, 2016
Burge Organic Farm:

Welcome to the farm!  Burge Organic Farm grows diverse and delicious varieties of fruits and vegetables year-round on 16 acres of intensively managed cropland. Our goal is to grow food that is honest, clean and of the highest quality. We specialize in open-pollinated heirloom varieties of produce, which enables us to save our own seed and create varieties that our unique to our farm. We grow unconventional produce unconventionally. From our heirloom garlic (propagated after being found growing wild on the property), to harvests of wild plums, asparagus, baby okra, kiwis, Asian specialty vegetables (Komatsuna, anyone?), there is always something special growing at Burge.  Let us feed you!

We offer our produce through CSA subscription. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is an innovative model of food distribution that connects the consumer directly with the farmer. A CSA customer essentially buys a stake in the farm and in return, receives a regular delivery of fresh produce throughout the growing season.  CSA is a great way to create local food infrastructure, reducing our dependence on imported/shelf stable foods and fossil fuels all while connecting families and neighbors to the benefits of local seasonal agriculture.

In addition to CSA subscription, we also offer produce through Farmers Markets, Chef sales, and on-farm work-shares. We seek to farm in a way that improves our soils, our community and our future. We are committed to helping expand the demand and the accessibility of local produce by producing a large variety and quantity of seasonal produce. 

Take Care and Eat Well!



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